What is A Postgraduate Education (Degree) in Australia?


Students want to know what a postgraduate degree, qualification, or education is in Australia.


Australia is home to more than 300,000 international students and is one of the world's most popular study destinations.


The relaxed life, pleasant climate and top universities in Australia attract students from around the world seeking admission to post-graduation programs.


If you want to pursue postgraduate education in Australia, you can choose between a teaching-intensive or a research-led course.


This blog uncovers all you must know about postgraduate education, qualifications and degrees in Australia.



1. Types of Postgraduate Qualifications in Australia


The Australian education system provides a variety of postgraduate qualifications so that every student gets to study what they desire. Australian postgraduate degrees are of two types:


  • Coursework or the taught degrees

  • Research degrees


Coursework degrees mainly focus on providing a theoretical foundation. Exams for this degree are to evaluate students. In contrast, a research degree focuses more on the practical aspects of your degree that expose you to real-life challenges.


In this course, your academic development is measured by experimental work and delivering an original dissertation. 


Here are the types of postgraduate qualifications provided by various universities in Australia:



Postgraduate Research Qualifications:


  • Master's degree (by research)

  • Research Doctorate (PhD)



Postgraduate Coursework Qualifications:


  • Graduate Certificate

  • Graduate Diploma

  • Master's Degree (by Coursework)

  • Master's Degree (Extended)

  • Doctorate



2. Popular Postgraduate Courses in Australia


Australian universities offer several postgraduate courses. Thus, irrespective of your academic interests, you'll find something that fits you. 


Below are the most popular study areas in Australia that you can enrol in:




3. Benefits of Pursuing Post Graduation in Australia


Australia provides an excellent educational experience to students and makes an actual difference in their life. Here are a few benefits of studying post-graduation from Australia:


  • Australian Universities majorly focus on enhancing the student's leadership skills and personalities.

  • Students get both practical and theoretical knowledge, making them experts in their field of study. 

  • Students get a chance to do an internship with Australian companies, which helps them to gain extensive industry experience. 

  • Some students even get the opportunity to work permanently with many Australian multinational companies immediately after graduating from university. 

  • Being in a multicultural country, students obtain a better insight into different working environments of different countries from other students. 



4. Eligibility Criteria For Postgraduate Studies in Australia


You can enrol in Australia's postgraduate program only if you have a bachelor's degree in the corresponding field when you apply. 


The Australian Framework must recognise if you have obtained a bachelor's degree in your home country. In that case, the Australian university you've chosen will ask you to first sit in a preparatory course. 



5. Entry Requirements 


Entry requirements may vary, depending on your nationality and the course of your choice. You must prove your language proficiency if English is not your first language. At the same time, students from English-speaking countries don't need to provide any English language tests.


Also, the documents required to be submitted vary as per the course level you want to apply. For instance, applying for a doctorate requires more documents than a master's degree program. 


Here Is A List of Documents Needed For Enrolling In a Postgraduate Program:


  • A bachelor's degree (recognised by the Australian Framework)

  • Letter of motivation or relevant references

  • Proof of English language proficiency 

  • Work experience (if available)

  • Certificate of your grades

  • Personal identification documents



6. Postgraduate Fees in Australia


Australian universities fees for international students differ, depending on the university and the course you choose. 


On average, annual tuition fees for master's degrees range between AUD $20,000 to $40,000 and AUD $15,000 to $40,000 for doctoral degrees. 


It's important to note that these are estimated figures and may vary from one institute to another. Veterinary and medicine study programs have higher tuition fees. 



7. Higher Education - Postgraduate Institutes in Australia 


Australia has an excellent higher education system with plenty of renowned universities. Here is a list of postgraduate institutes in Australia:















New South Wales




Western Australia




South Australia




Australian Capital Territory




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